Direct Flights to David, Panama (DAV)

DAVdirect is a co-operative of Chiriqui businesses and property owners dedicated to help create frequent, affordable direct flights (one-stop and non-stop) from the U.S. to Enrique Malek Airport in David, Chiriqui, Panama (DAV).

Panama’s Province of Chiriqui is second to none in offering tourists a vast array of nature, adventure, and cultural activities – but flying from the U.S. to Chiriqui can be cumbersome; a circumstance which might prevent Chiriqui from reaching its potential as an up-and-coming tourist destination in Panama’s ever-growing tourism industry. By working with the airlines and the Panamanian government, and by rallying the support of stakeholders and travelers, we plan to insure successful flight operations to and from the U.S. and Chiriqui.
fly to david panama airportA rendering of the airport expansion, to learn about the progress click here.

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